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Each coupon has its own terms and condition and we will try to provide as much information as possible, like you need to spend $75 to get 20% off or buy two dresses to get a free necklace. Coupons providers will give discounts to new visitors, while others have a constant deals coupon for those who look for them.

We suggest, to determine a coupons best use, visit the vendor providing the coupon and read their terms of coupon use.

Stacking coupons is up to the vendor rules, while some vendors don’t mind you using more than one discount coupon some strictly restrict stacking coupons.

We suggest you use the coupon with the greatest value or discount amount of the total purchase. Sometimes it’s cheaper to use the free shipping coupon, then using a 10% off total amount coupons.

We are working on our USVALUE Token back program and will announce its use soon.

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